Friday, August 19, 2011

How to email via Tor with GPG/PGP

Okay so we covered PMs that was the easy part, the sad thing is most people won't respond to a simple PM, seeing as any person with fingers or the capability to use some sort of blunt object to bash a keyboard can use a PM service on tor not to mention can intercept and read them I.E the mutha fuckin FEDS. We being internet ninjas as we are dislike the FEDs in our business, so low and behold we came up with a much more devious approach to this problem GPG and PGP also known "as asymmetric public keys"  I'll start this explanation the way I was taught to understand it, because if you can't understand the thought process, you will not be able to use or abuse these. So look at it like this, Johnny has a bunch of open padlocks attached to unbreakable carbon composite boxes, now what our friend Johnny does is he hands the open boxes out to his friends, once Mark gets his box, he writes a message and places it in the box he received from Johnny. He then closes the box, and send it through a series of people eventually ending up back in Johnny's hands. Now why this works is because Johnny is the only one with the key to this magic unbreakable box, so once all traces of who sent it are long gone Johnny can safely open the box read the message and send one back in the open box that Mark attached. Now if that wasn't a good enough explanation, you will probably never succeed at this, but feel free to try. First download and install this next go to http://jhiwjjlqpyawmpjx.onion/ and create a TorMail account, now if all you want is simple email you can stop right here. If you crave more security then you want to open up PortablePGP, it will ask you for email, username, and a password, please for your sake make it a 26 minimal with special characters, don't be stupid here. once that is done you will see a screen giving you the options to encrypt, de-crypt, sign, and key ring. Encrypt allows you to encrypt your message in someones key *box from the analogy* to do this you go to key ring, you find their PGP or GPG public block and you save it as a text file, you then import it to your key ring, if done correctly a new name and email should be added to your list, from there you encrypt a message to them, and paste it either too there email, or on a forum, and only they can read it, they can then send you a message back that only you can read and de-crypt. I will be uploading a video of how to do this soon to help ease with the confusion,. gl. * note the program in the video is not the same but it may help explain the basics, ask around or google for more help, or email me/comment*

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