Wednesday, August 17, 2011

First things first - What is Tor?

Hmm, what is Tor you ask? Tor was originally designed with the government in mind. It was created to route government communication through secure connections, residing below and in the background of the internet. Today it is used by many different types of people from occultists, to anarchists, to hackers, and even, as much as I hate to say, pedophiles. Tor is basically like the underground railroad of information, it allows individuals and groups access to one another through secret means not detected by anyone but who they want to know. The reason people use Tor is mainly to protect them selves from "big brother", because if you don't believe he is watching every time you Google search you are sadly mistaken. Here are some pictorial diagrams of how Tor protects you.

These pictures were obtained from and I personally recommend you visiting there for further reference.

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